The PICAM360 Developer Community will release more open-source concept projects with PICAM360.
As the first project, we introduce an underwater drone, “PICAM360 ROV”, with which you can view an underwater world in 360 degrees with RR control. You can check the project progress on this website or our Facebook page.

Feel like you are swimming as a fish.

PICAM360 ROV is an underwater drone equipped with a fully spherical panoramic camera.
With RR control, you’ll experience a wonderful underwater world that you can feel as if you’re freely swimming like a fish.


With a VR headset you can turn the angle of the 360-degree camera to freely change your viewpoint in 360 degrees, and feel as if you’re swimming underwater.


You can save videos shot with the 360-degree camera, and have control of the viewing direction in 360 degrees during playback.


You can upload saved 360-degree videos directly on Facebook and YouTube. They support playback of 360-degree videos.