PICAM360 Ground Walker


Unmanned Ground Vehicle Gadget with 360° Camera

PICAM 360 GROUND WALKER is a UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) gadget composed of a 360 ° camera, an omnidirectional wheel that can move in all directions, and a laser pointer that moves in conjunction with the direction of seeing. 360 ° real-time video + omnidirectional moving wheels provide an immersive experience like walking freely at remote locations.
Design has been released as open source hardware. It is also characterized by high customizability and developability by development community.

Watch the Features


360 degree real-time video

You can connect to the internet(*1) and enjoy real time 360 degree video. Since the attitude of the smartphone and the position of the image are linked, you can see the direction you like by only turning the smartphone in the direction you want to see(*2).
Using the stereo display function and VR headset, you can experience immersive feeling as if you were in a remote place.
(*1) Also possible to connect directly as an access point mode
(*2) Computer display is also supported. It is only smartphone to link with posture

Omni Wheel

Omni wheel allows you to move in all directions without having to turn in the direction of travel. When you press the forward button of the smartphone, the vehicle moves forward in the direction you are looking at. Piloting is intuitive.
* Please use it in a flat place with no step

Laser Pointer

The ground walker has a laser pointer that moves in conjunction with the direction you are looking at and you can play with a pet such as a cat at home remotely.
In the future, we are also considering development of fighting function using laser.
* Because a weak laser is used, the eyes are safe if you do not see them continuously

Tech Specs

Camera & Lenz PICAM360
Control Board Raspberry Pi Model B
Resin Parts Output by 3D printer
Motor DC brushed x4, Stall torque 0.027 Nm, Stall current 0.45A @3V
Motor Driver DRV8835 x4, 8DC motor / 4 stepping motor, 1.5A@channel
Laser 1mW @5V
Omni Wheel NEXSUS ROBOT plastic 38mm x4
Continuous Operation Time 1h (standby 4h) @AA batteries 3000mAh x8