Contact Us

For questions or comments on the PICAM360 products and our website, you’ll find the ways as below to contact us. If you cannot find any appropriate way, please contact the PICAM360 forum.

User Support

Use the PICAM360 forum to get help from the project team and ask questions when you’ve just started PICAM360. Search in the forum to find answers to your questions on PICAM360. This form is available to directly contact us; however, through the form we do not provide answers to some questions, such as inquiries on how to use PICAM360 and technical questions, that we can answer in the forum. Join the forum and share information.

Report Bugs

Check whether any bug you found in the PICAM360 software is already known or not on appropriate repository pages of the GitHub website ( If the bug is unknown, add it to Issues.

After-sales Service

Use the store support form to contact us if the product you purchased in our PICAM360 online store has any failure, and you need our support.


Use this form to contact us if you find any problem with our website.

Press, Business

Use this form to contact us for inquiries on events, press and business.